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Alpha Classic AK Liner
Transfemoral (AK) amputees often have very specific needs for additional socket padding to...
Alpha Express Liner
WillowWood’s Express Liner is a softer-durometer silicone that replicates the feel and comfort of...
Alpha Classic Gel Liner with Original Fabric
• Made of Thermoplastic Elastomer Gel and
Alpha Classic Gel Liner with Spirit Fabric
• Flexible Unbroken Loop Fabric Allows Easy
Alpha P-POD Liner
Pediatric Alpha Liners were designed and tested specifically for young amputees.
Alpha Classic Gel Liner with Max Fabric
• One-way Stretch Fabric Minimizes Pistoning Yet
Alpha DESIGN Liner
• Made of Thermoplastic Elastomer Gel
Alpha Classic Original Suction Seal
• Original Fabric and Mineral-oil-based Gel
Alpha Upper Extremity Locking Liner
The comfort of the Alpha Liner is available for upper extremity amputees!
Express DESIGN Liner
Willow Wood’s Express DESIGN Liner is a softer-durometer silicone that replicates the feel
Alpha Hybrid Gel Liner with Select Fabric
Features & Benefits of the Alpha® Select Liner
Alpha Hybrid AK Symmetrical Liner
Features & Benefits of the Alpha® Select Liner
OE Gel Liner
A TPE gel liner in Uniform profile. Both cushion and locking is an option for this liner
Alpha Silicone Liner
WillowWood is excited to announce its new Alpha Silicone Liner! Our Silicone Liner uses a...
Alpha Silicone AK Liner
The Alpha Silicone AK Liner with symmetrical profile provides extra protection to the distal...
Alpha SmartTemp BK Liner
The Alpha SmartTemp Liner featuring Outlast® combines silicone with the heat management...
Alpha SmartTemp AK Liner
Revolutionary liner that keeps the residual limb cool for maximum comfort and security.
Valor Liner Sock
Finally the solution is here for a sweat free liner/ socket.
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Hood Sock, Cool med hål
- 95% polyester, 5% LYCRA COOLMAX fibrer.
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Alpha® Torkställning (S-M, Locking; S-M Cushion)
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Alpha Porteble Drying Stand
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Alpha Liner Drying Stand
Alpha Drying stand in different sizes.
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Replacement blade for Cutting Wheel
Alpha Hand-held Cutting Wheel Replacement Blade.
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Hood Sock, Nylon
- 100% nylon. God elasticitet för att ge en bra passform. Maskintvätt och torktumlingsbar.
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Hood Sock Superwash
Cushionaire Superwash
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Single Alpha Gel Cup
An additional 3 mm of gel on the distal end of the residual limb adds thickness to the liner and...
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Volume Management Pads (set of 3)
To help manage daily volume changes, place the Alpha Volume Management Pad between the limb and...
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Alpha Socket Pads
Relieve pressure points or sensitive areas in the socket while maintaining total surface weight...
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LimbLogic Sleeve
The LimbLogic Sleeve works with the LimbLogic controller to ensure an airtight, secure system.
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Alpha Classic Spirit Suction Seal
» Alpha® Spirit Suction Seal Gel Sleeve
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Alpha AK Sleeve
Designed specifically for transfemoral amputees, the Alpha Hybrid AK Sleeve may be used with...
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Alpha Flex Sleeve
Alpha® Flex Sleeve
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