Vi har förmånen att samarbeta med bland annat Ortema. Ortema är det företag som finns med under ishockey VM och ser till att ha rätt grejor när spelarna går sönder. Gäller att minimera tiden för rehabiliteringen för spelaren

The athletes in good hands. 
Since 2005 ORTEMA is official partner of the IIHF and thus present at big events and World Championships to offer quick aid to the players of all teams.The work of our specialized orthopaedic technicians often enables the players to play a bit more light-hearted.Regardless of it being the bandages of our partner Sporlastic or any of the high-tech products of the ORTEMA company. The players know that they can rely upon our team to one hundred percent. A service that is well accepted by the national teams because our technicians from Markgröningen are present at the WorldChampion-ships and assist the players every single day.

Sort of a lifeinsurance for athletes 
For hockey players their knees are one of their most valuable assets. Injuries of the knee can be a setback for months or may even be the end of a promising career. Withthe carbon fibre K-COM knee brace we canprotect this complex joint and give the playera safer feeling. Since the World Championships 2001 the technicians from Markgröningen tend to the needs of the German national team and are official partner of the German Ice Hockey Federation. Ahead of allthe German NHL players like Marco Sturm ,Dennis Seidenberg or Marcel Goc value the services of the orthopaedic technology specialists. All three of them wear thecustomized carbon fibre K-COM knee brace to give theirknees the necessary protection or needed stability.“The braces don`t really bother me while training orplaying. They go practically unnoticed and still give you a lot safer feeling” is a quote from Marco Sturm.“Our experiences with this orthopaedic technologycompany are good. The collaboration in the past hasalways been harmonic, open and trustful. We like to seecontinuity and see ORTEMA as a long-term and competent partner” is the summary of DEB General secretary Franz Reindl regarding the yearlong cooperation.