Meet the team

I studied physiotherapy at Uppsala University and graduated in 2015. Since then, I have worked both in hospitals and health care centers, which has provided me with a broad experience and opportunities to work with a variety of different patient types from recent amputees to patients with sports injuries.

I started working at Nordic Ortopedica in 2019 and have been based in my hometown Gothenburg since 2020.

With my clinical background and my experience as a physiotherapist I can understand the needs of both patient and clinician. I aim to provide the clinicians with the advice and support they need to be able to provide their patients with the very best rehabilitation and devices to help them thrive in everyday life.

Elin Börjesson – Clinical Expert / Physiotherapist
Mobile: +46 (0)703 49 09 94


After finishing my Bachelor of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics in Jönköping, I worked clinically as a CPO in Uppsala, Sweden, before joining the Nordic Ortopedica team in 2022. Prior to entering the P&O field, I studied a Bachelor of Business in Australia and have worked in marketing for companies in Melbourne and Stockholm. As a Clinical Expert and CPO at Nordic Ortopedica, I’m able to contribute with my knowledge in prosthetics and customer service, to best serve our customers. I’m based in Knivsta, where I work closely with the operations team, as well as with Elin in Gothenburg and the colleagues of Ortho Europe.

With my clinical experience and product knowledge, I’m able to assist clinicians in finding the most suitable prosthetic solution for their patients. Offering great service and devices that improve the quality of life and health of patients is what I enjoy most about my job!

Saga Tortela – Clinical Expert / CPO
Mobile: +46 (0)702 02 61 87

Currently on maternity leave.

I am a new member of the Nordic Ortopedica team and I really look forward to be able to provide patients and clinicians with the best  prosthetic solution

I studied Bachelor of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics in Jönköping 2004-2007 from where I graduated. I then moved back to my hometown, Aalborg, Denmark, and worked for Sahva for more than 7 years. In 2015 I moved to Bergen, Norway. I have since then worked with lower limb prosthetics and was responsible for the management of the prosthetic team for more than 8 years at Drevelin. It has alwayes been my dream to work with prosthesis since my transfemoral amputation in 2000

With my 16 years of experience and background as a clinician and not least my own experience as a prosthetic user for 23 years I can understand and relate to the needs of pasients and clinician. I aim to find the best possible prosthetic solution for the pasient and clinician because I know the importance from both the user and clinician perspective. I alwayes do my best to offer the best service possible and assist pasients and clinicians when and where needed.

As a transfemoral amputee myself with a fulltime job and high activity in my freetime, including having my own horse, alpine skiing and and lots of traveling, I know how demanding wearing a prosthesis is. It needs to work all the time!! There is no place for errors because our everyday living depends on it.

Line Damgaard – Clinical Expert / CPO
Mobile : +46 (0)73 375 2832