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For me, it is important that the job I have makes a difference for someone else. This has been key, and for over 15 years I’ve had the pleasure of working internationally in different industries that has offered solutions for improved quality of life and health. Together with the team I’m very excited to be able to offer Nordic Ortopedica’s fantastic devices, services and expertise to our customers. I want our customer to know us as the reliable and obvious partner in prosthetics.

I’m based in Gothenburg together with Elin Börjesson (Clinical Expert, currently on parental leave) and working closely with the operations team in Knivsta as well as the colleagues of Ortho Europe. Being able to offer high-quality devices that improve people’s everyday lives makes each day at Nordic Ortopedica feel meaningful!

Eva Linnestjerna – Sales Manager
Email :
Mobile : +46 (0)702 02 61 87

After a motorcycle accident at the age of 17 I became a below knee amputee. I was introduced into the business by my former CPO and wheelchair baseball teammate. Ever since I have built my own legs and studied to become a CPO.

After being employed by several companies in Holland, at the age of 42 I decided it was time to change my work field and specialise in MPC devices. The opportunity was given by Freedom Innovations to become an international clinical specialist of the Freedom Range, ever since I have trained CPO’s, assisted users, and demonstrated the Freedom portfolio all over the world. I have been working for Ortho Europe for six months and have been able to expand my portfolio considerably. I am looking forward to working with and demonstrating all the new developments and innovations that are to come. My goal is to inspire and help people to get the most out of their disability and to push boundaries.

Harald Schouten CPO – CPO/ Clinical Technician
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Mobile : +31 (0)6 158 618 56

I studied physiotherapy at Uppsala University and graduated in 2015. Since then, I have worked both in hospitals and health care centers, which has provided me with a broad experience and opportunities to work with a variety of different patient types from recent amputees to patients with sports injuries.

I started working at Nordic Ortopedica in 2019 and have been based in my hometown Gothenburg since 2020.

With my clinical background and my experience as a physiotherapist I can understand the needs of both patient and clinician. I aim to provide the clinicians with the advice and support they need to be able to provide their patients with the very best rehabilitation and devices to help them thrive in everyday life.

Elin Börjesson – Clinical expert, physiotherapist
Email :
Mobile : +46 (0)703 49 09 94

I am Ortho Europe’s Prosthetics Product Manager. I have responsibility for our full portfolio of upper and lower extremity prosthetic devices. I have worked within the prosthetic industry for all my career and my knowledge and experience spans both clinical and technical. Prior to taking on the Product Manager role with Ortho Europe, I previously held technical and clinical consultant roles with the business.

My passion is applying technology to support and enhance the human body, and I have a particular interest in upper extremity devices.

Pieter van Delft – Prosthetics Product Manager
Email :
Mobile : +31 (0)625 383 227

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