Allux 2

ALLUX 2 is a 4-Bar MPK that controls both stance, and swing phase. Its unique design boasts a dual safety system based on inherent stability factors and microprocessor control. ALLUX 2 heightens safety and security while providing exceptional functionality to the user.​

Features and benefits

  • Polycentric design giving better cosmetic appearance for longer residuums and increased ground clearance
  • Safety lock function for prolonged standing on slopes
  • Intuitive and simple mobile device application for programming and mode switching
  • 5 optional modes
  • IP44 rating
  • 180° range of motion
  • Stumble recovery for enhanced safety
  • 4 day battery life (5000 steps per day on prosthetic side)
  • Includes backup battery pack

Technical Specification

Knee VariationWeight RatingWeight of DeviceProximal AdaptorDistal AdaptorMax Knee FlexionTotal lengthActivity LevelWarranty
NE-Z41K3 = 125kg / K4 = 100kg1,510gMale pyramidMale pyramid180 degrees295mmK2 - K43 years + 2 additional years extension option
NE-Z41SHK3 = 125kg / K4 = 100kg1,520gM36 threadedMale pyramid180 degrees287mmK2 - K43 years + 2 additional years extension option

Ordering Information

Allux 2 Knee Product Codes

DescriptionProduct Code
Allux 2 knee pyramid top – 3-year warrantyNE-Z41
Allux 2 knee M36 pyramid top – 3-year warrantyNE-Z41S
Allux 2 knee pyramid top – 5-year warrantyNE-Z41-5
Allux 2 knee M36 pyramid top – 5-year warrantyNE-Z41SH-5


Allux 2 Replacement Part Product Codes

DescriptionProduct Code
Battery chargerNE-BC01
Charging port capNE-CC01
Power-off capNE-CC02
Backup battery packNE-SB01
Backup battery pack holderNE-SC01
AC adapterNE-AD01C
Backup batter charging cableNE-CL01
Extension cableNE-CL02
Extension stopper rubberNE-G012
Front link padNE-FC01
Front cover padNE-FC02


Clinician IFU

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