Alpha® Hybrid Uniform Liner

A reinforced blend of durable thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gel containing mineral oil and vitamin E. Designed to combine the comfort of Classic Gel with the durability of silicone, this all-round liner is as the name suggests – the best of both. With sufficient flow for bony prominences and suitable stability to control loose tissue. The added durability, compared to Classic gel, means higher activity users can achieve a comfortable fit with less regular liner replacements.

Features and benefits

  • Balanced flow and rebound provide a great solution that can minimise peak pressures whilst providing stability and durability.
  • The right amount of stability to cater to a wide range of tissue consistencies
  • Suitable for all activity levels, from low to high
  • Unidirectional stretch – eliminates pistoning without a distal matrix
  • Multidirectional stretch – reduces shear over patella
  • Increased durability
  • Can accommodate volume fluctuations

Measuring Guide

Ensure accurate measurements at 4cm and 30cm from the distal end to determine the most appropriate liner for the user.

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Uniform Profile

The uniform profile is retrofittable with most liners on the market. This means that a user can upgrade to receive the benefits of Alpha interface materials, without having to change their socket.

  • 6mm thick distal end
  • Thins to 3mm posterior to knee

Select Fabric with panel

The Select fabric is WillowWood’s most durable and comfortable offering. By combining two distinct materials, it offers support, compression and flexibility. To prevent pistoning the majority of the fabric has unidirectional stretch, meaning a distal matrix is not required. This allows easy donning and accommodation of volume changes without the need for a new liner. To reduce shear stress over the patella, there is a multidirectional stretch panel over the knee which improves comfort in flexion.

Standard Umbrella

The standard umbrella has a standard diameter of 68.6mm on all sizes.

Technical Specifications

Interface MaterialAmputation LevelOuter FabricSuspension TypeProfileFunctionalityWarrantyOptional Trial Period
Hybrid GelTranstibialSelectLocking - Standard Umbrella, CushionUniform 6mmPressure Relief, Sensitive/fragile skin care12 months from date of fitting30 days

Ordering Information

Alpha Hybrid Uniform Liner Product Codes

SizeProduct Code
(Locking – Standard Umbrella)
Product Code
Proximal Measurement
Distal Measurement
Medium PlusH351-5364H350-536433-50cm20-28cm
Large PlusH351-5368H350-536840-60cm28-40cm
Extra LargeH351-5367H350-536743-65cm33-45cm

Gel Volume Management Pads Product Codes

DescriptionProduct Code
Volume Management Pads (set of 3) (S,M & L)ALA-VM
Volume Management Pads, Small, set of 3ALA-VM-SM
Volume Management Pads, Medium, set of 3ALA-VM-MD
Volume Management Pads, Large, set of 3ALA-VM-LG

*Only use Gel Volume Management pads with Gel liners


Alpha Liner Manual

Alpha Liner Size Guide