C-Form Tube Casting Materials

C-Form tube is a synthetic Scanning Sleeve that easily rolls onto the limb and is used in the fabrication of 3D scanned AFOs and Prosthetic sockets.

Features and benefits:

  • Finished cast is excellent for digital scanning on the outer surface of the C-Form Tube with no overlapping wraps as with casting tape
  • Conforms nicely to complex shapes
  • Allows for the practitioner to produce a more conforming cast
  • No plaster mess
  • Ample time to work with before it hardens
  • Cost effective (Similar cost per patient to synthetic casting tape)
  • Comes in 2, 3, 4 inch widths, in 20” (50cm) and 28” (70cm) lengths

Ordering Information

C-Form Tube Product Codes

SizeProduct CodeQuantityRecommended patient type
2” x 20” (50CM)4022-2.2010 rollsPaediatric AFO (up to petite child),
Upper Limb/Ped/small child BK Prosthetic Socket
2” x 28” (70CM)4022-2.2810 rollsSmall child AFO
3” x 20” (50CM)4022-3.2010 rollsAFO section (child to average adult)
BK Prosthetic Socket (medium/large adult)
3” x 28” (70CM)4022-3.2810 rollsAFO (child to average adult)
Small AK Prosthetic Socket
4” x 20” (50CM)4022-4.2010 rollsAFO (very large adult)
BK Prosthetic Socket (large to extra large adult)
4” x 28” (70CM)4022-4.2810 rollsAFO (very large and tall adult),
AK Prosthetic Socket (medium to large adult)

EZ Cutter Knife Product Code

DesctiptionProduct CodeQuantity
EZ Cutter StandardCASTCUTTER-ST1 pc


C-Form Tube Sales Sheet

C-Form Tube IFU