Memopur Insoles

Memopur is a very finely structured, open cell PU foam. It was specifically developed for use in foot orthoses and ensures optimum pressure distribution. These modular insoles are compatible with a range of additions, and available in a five densities.

Features and benefits

  • Standard 18mm heel cup and 28mm valgus height
  • Tapered forefoot from 5mm to 3mm
  • Easy to grind, and heat mouldable at 150°C
  • Range of modifications available
  • Available in full, sulcus or 3/4 length
  • Choose from three top covers: 1mm, 3mm, or 6mm; 20 shore and 30 shore PU
  • Machine washable up to 40°C


  • Pes planus/pronated foot type – mild, moderate, severe
  • Neutral foot type
  • Pes cavus/supinated foot type
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Diabetes, arthritis, or other foot conditions that result in sensitive feet
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Foot deformities

Density Guide

Part NumberNameRearfoot DensityForefoot Density
1529AMemopur Softee20 Shore20 Shore
1529BMemopur Control35 Shore35 Shore
1529CMemopur Control Split35 Shore20 Shore
1529DMemopur Control Plus50 Shore20 Shore

Ordering Information


Part NumberModification
MEM-1Addition of Dakar Top Cover
MEM-2Addition of a Plug/sink
MEM-3Addition of Rearfoot Post
MEM-4Addition of Forefoot Post
MEM-5Trim to 3/4 Length
MEM-6Trim to Sulcus Length
MEM-7Addition of a Met Dome
MEM-8Addition of a Met Bar
MEM-9Addition of a Memopur 1.5mm shore 20 cover
MEM-10Addition of a Memopur 3mm shore 20 cover
MEM-11Addition of Heel Pad


Memopur Sales Sheet
Super Softee insole July 2017
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